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Optics and Photonics Design

The optical modelling and design platform hosts a team of researchers with wide-ranging expertise and know-how in the modelling and design of photonic systems.

Metrology and Testing

The metrology platform has comprehensive competence in optical metrology in general, and in quantitative optical measurements and measurement standards in particular.

Optics Manufacturing

In the B-PHOT Innovation Center, a complete pilot line for free form optics is available. Free form optics for imaging and non-imaging applications, in glass, plastic, semiconductor material can be realized for prototypes, molding or low volume production.

We are also equipped to fabricate specialty fiber terminations or fiber splices by means of CO2-laser heating. We have a semi-automatic manufacturing station for the inscription of wavelength-multiplexed fiber Bragg gratings in photosensitive fibers.

Demonstrator Platforms

For each of its Research Tracks B-PHOT has invested in well-elaborated demonstrator platforms to test different functional aspects of proof-of-concept demonstrators for different application domains.