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Research Tracks

B-PHOT research's eco system exists mainly of 5 research tracks with strong interlinkage between the different tracks.

Optical Fiber Sensors

The B-PHOT optical fiber sensor team specializes in the modelling, design and characterization of micro-structured optical fibers (MOFs) and the realization of MOF-based and fiber Bragg grating based sensors.

Optical Spectroscopy

The B-PHOT spectroscopy team uses absorption, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy in a variety of application domains such as the quality control of food, the deterioration of lubricant oils, the sorting of recycled plastics, the authentication of historic stained and archeological glass, and restoration of paintings.

Photonics lab-on-chip

The B-PHOT photonics lab-on-chip team focuses on multifunctional opto-microfluidic systems with embedded on-chip optical detection techniques.

Nonlinear Photonics

The B-PHOT nonlinear photonics team studies light-matter interactions in novel nonlinear-optical materials including 2D crystals like graphene and MoS2.

Photonic Integrated Circuits

The B-PHOT Photonic Integrated Circuits team studies and develops novel on-chip components and devices that enable a wide range of photonic functionalities within different material platforms.

Freeform Optics

The B-PHOT freeform optics team designs, models, prototypes, manufactures, and tests complex micro-, mini-, and macro optical spherical, aspherical, freeform and hybrid optical components and systems.

Laser Dynamics

B-Phot's laser dynamics team focuses on the physics and applications of complex dynamical behavior in semiconductor lasers: from novel laser designs to cutting edge applications in telecommunications, sensing or security.