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Iñigo Artundo

CEO at VLC Photonics

Iñigo Artundo is the CEO of VLC Photonics in Spain.

"I was an Erasmus student from Pamplona, Spain, doing my Master thesis at TONA (former name of B-PHOT) in 2005, and after such a great experience, and with so many opportunities to follow up, I was convinced to stay for 4 more years as a PhD student until 2009. I very much enjoyed my years in Brussels. The people at TONA were, besides being great professionals and experts in their fields, also very kind to newcomers and foreigners like me and many others, and I made good friendships that still last today."

"The PhD gave me the scientific mindset and tools to tackle very complex technical problems, but the guidance of my two promoters, Christof Debaes and Hugo Thienpont, allowed me to also realize the potential for collaborations, networking, management and link to businesses and real world applications and problems. I'm sure this was fundamental to build my career up for becoming CEO of VLC Photonics now."

"B-PHOT is doing a great job in science and technology, both by pushing the edges of state-of-the-art research and by engaging with and disseminating with society and industry. I'm sure we could make use of their expertise and capabilities to support us in some of our customer projects, as well as engage with their team for internships at our company."

"Photonics was back in 2005 an exciting technology, and at TONA, there was also a great mix of physics and engineering, combining top level research with industry engagement. To me, it seemed like the right path to follow if you like applied sciences."