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Pierre Wahl

Founder & General Sales and Support Director at Luceda Photonics

Pierre Wahl is the founder of VUB B-PHOT spin-off Luceda Photonics. Now he is the General Sales and Support Director.

"I am proud to have finished both my master in Photonics and PhD at B-PHOT in Brussels. The support, interest and help that I received from the entire B-PHOT staff were instrumental to my future career."

"The area where B-PHOT undoubtedly stands out is its strong integration with the European Photonics Industry. The group does not stay on its island and actively seeks to valorize research through partnerships with existing industrial players or through promoting startups. The latter was the case for me and B-PHOT supported me in the creation of Luceda Photonics that has now successfully grown to be one of the main photonics design software providers in the world."

"The strong international network in which B-PHOT operates allows researchers to do research stays at various research institutes around the world (I did stays at IMEC, Jülich and Stanford University). Whenever I needed something to push my research forward, I received the support I needed."

"All in all, I have many good memories from my time at B-PHOT together with many of my colleagues that remained friends to this day."

More about Luceda Photonics: check out this video.