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education master scholarships

1. VUB Scholarships for European Master of Science in Photonics*/**

Each year the Vrije Universiteit Brussels grants several full scholarships of 10.000,- EUR/academic year for the European Master of Science in Photonics program based on excellence. Every international student applying at VUB is eligible for these scholarships, no separate procedure must be followed.

All candidates applying at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel will have the opportunity to show proof of their technical knowledge during a scholarship interview preceding the final admission.

2. VUB B-PHOT Excellence Scholarships*/**

B-PHOT, the Brussels Photonics Research group at VUB, also offers scholarships to excellent students on a competitive basis. All students who register for the European MSc. in Photonics at VUB are eligible to be awarded a B-PHOT Excellence Scholarship of 5.000,- EUR/academic year by the research group without a separate application procedure.

All scholarships will be awarded by the VUB program board.

*all candidates who receive the VUB Scholarship or the B-PHOT Excellence Scholarship must commit themselves to do a master thesis at VUB
**none of these scholarship can be granted in combination with any other scholarship (with the exception of the Erasmus+ mobility grants)

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education master scholarships