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Abubacarr Kebbeh

Former master student at B-PHOT

Abubacarr Kebbeh (Gambia) is a former master student.

"The European Master of Science in Photonics programme is one of the most exciting programmes one can study, the multidisciplinary nature of this program provides students with a strong fundamental knowledge in the field of Photonics thus leading the students for an exciting research career. During the programme, we are exposed and trained in state-of-the-art research laboratories to conduct our experiments and research projects, therefore, developing our laboratory skills. The various courses within the program are taught by professors who are friendly, treat everyone equally, ready to go the extra mile for you to understand better and are always available to answer your questions."

"The program is hosted by two universities, Vrije University Brussel and Ghent University. This makes it possible for students to choose courses from both universities thereby giving the students the chances of meeting and interacting with students and professors from both universities and from different cultures and traditions."

"Furthermore, the master programme consists of an international mobility path that gives the students the opportunity to go for an exchange programme at the partner universities where they can take up courses or even write their master thesis and further expose themselves to different European cities and cultures. Students can also take up an internship program abroad or within Belgium to enhance their professional experience and provide themselves with the chances of experiencing how real-life projects are implemented."