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Anissa Sefsaf B PHOT EMSP alumni 01

Anissa Sefsaf

Service Solution Sales Engineer at Huawei Technologies

Anissa Sefsaf (Belgium) is Service Solution Sales Engineer at Huawei Technologies.

"If you’re interested in electromagnetic waves, the Maxwell equations and quantum physics and you have always wondered how these scientific concepts are important in our daily lives, I strongly suggest to sign up for the European Master of Science in Photonics at VUB. Engineering Bachelor studies have provided me with valuable baggage of scientific and mathematical knowledge to understand the most intricate concepts of this world. On top of the theoretical and practical knowledge, as engineers, we learn to understand and see the world differently. The Master in Photonics makes use of the concepts learned in the Bachelor to implement them on technology applications. In addition, I participated in an exchange abroad that opened my mind to other cultures and how they do research in the photonics field. This programme has challenged me to use theoretical knowledge into real-life technology applications such as lasers, optical modules, detectors to data communication networks. Thanks to the experience I have acquired I could pursue a career working on 5G projects."