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Christine Ruwisch

Expert Rolling Stock at De Lijn

Christine Ruwisch (Belgium) is Expert Rolling Stock at De Lijn.

"I graduated as a master in photonics in 2002. For my master thesis, I had the opportunity to work on an industrial project with Xeikon. Optical simulations fascinated me and I started working at the TONA department of the VUB (now B-PHOT). When now looking back on my first job at TONA, I remember that it was hard working but it was a nice time. The most amazing thing I will never forget is the opportunity I had to go to Japan to visit the manufacturer of the lens arrays that are inside the printing presses of Xeikon. I finally obtained my PhD for the design and optimization of micro and mini lenses for high-resolution printing presses in 2009. Nowadays I am working as expert rolling stock at De Lijn (the Flemish public transport company). In my current job, I work in the team which is responsible for the purchase of new busses and trams. My current job requires technical knowledge but also a strong knowledge of public procurement procedures."

"When you start your study in photonics, you probably dream of finding a job in this exciting field. But keep in mind your technical background and the skills you learn through your PhD allow you to work in many other fields you don’t think of today."