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Gregory Boeckmans EMSP B PHOT alumni 01 01 01

Gregory Boeckmans

Customer Project Manager at Telenet Business

Gregory Boeckmans (Belgium) is Customer Project Manager at Telenet Business.

"In 2013 I graduated as Bachelor of Science in Engineering at the VUB. I have always been fascinated by physics and its many applications. The Master of Photonics combines electronics, photonics and physics into one attractive and innovative master programme. As a photonics student, I learned about the technology of light and the various applications which are still evolving and will have an important role in our life now and in the future. I worked with foreign students from India, China, France, Ukraine and many others, who enriched the program on the social aspect. I'm assured that a Master degree in Photonics Engineering provides a strong basis for your future career as an engineer."