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Student 1 Master

Pooria Iranian

Current master student at B-PHOT

Pooria Iranian (Iran) is a master student at B-PHOT.

"I have been studying the European Master of Science in Photonics at B-PHOT (VUB/UGent) since September 2018 and I am now a second-year master student. During the last academic year, I achieved different experiences in both my academic and personal life as an international student in the heart of Europe."

"If someone asks me about the structure of photonics engineering, I would say that the first semesters’ courses were really fundamental and super dense in both contents and schedule (6 to 8 hours a day of lectures, and heavy but very practical projects). The courses covered every principle related to the science of light which contains theoretical and practical concepts. That gives you very deep engineering insight about the light and its useful usages in our life. Apart from that, the lab sessions for different courses challenged the students’ knowledge to observe what they got from theory and compare it with reality."

"However, all of this was made easy by a very professional teaching board and cutting-edge laboratories at both universities. The academic board of B-PHOT has some of the most brilliant people I have ever met in my life, I would say. They are completely focussed on their tasks and duties and taking care of their students to support them in different areas to achieve success in their future life. For example, when I arrived in Brussels, a couple of introductory sessions were held from the university and the department, as well as from the B-PHOT group and their program. These gave us enough information about everything which made me feel a little bit less afraid of the situation. Therefore, my first contact with B-PHOT was super amazing and I felt so confident about my choice."

"To cut my story short, I would say that I really appreciate it from B-PHOT to accept me as one of their group members, and it is my pleasure to study within this group."