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Sidney Goossens

PhD student at B-PHOT

Sidney Goossens (Belgium) is a PhD student at B-PHOT.

"I had a great experience as a Master student in the Master Of Science In Engineering: Fotonica program. The program expanded my theoretical and fundamental knowledge of light, but also taught me how to convert this theory into applications by design courses and realizing practical setups in hands-on lab sessions. In the program I had the opportunity to meet, and work together with, international students from all over the world, making new friends and extending my teamworking skills. During my master thesis, I also had the chance to cooperate with international research groups and companies which further developed my research and communication skills. Caught by the topic and excellent guidance of my master thesis I decided to continue my academic career and stay at the B-PHOT research group at VUB for a PhD in Photonic Engineering."