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5 Essentials about our VUB Bootcamp Photonics for Bachelors


The global market in photonics is poised to grow to 615 billion EUR by 2020. Europe is the world second-biggest supplier of photonic products after China, creating 1 million new jobs by 2030 according to the new vision paper “Europe’s age of light ” published by Photonics21.

The European Commission has identified Photonics as one of the Key Enabling Technologies for the 21st century. Photonics research is one of the driving forces for innovative ecosystems where universities and industry collaborate to create new products with light technologies. Those cross-industry platforms need bright students and passionate PhDs with specific skills, from all over the globe, from Europe and from Belgium.

With the Bootcamp Photonics for Bachelors we aim to make light technology more visible to students. During one day, students in engineering or (applied) physics get a closer look to photonics and its applications in many domains through 7 sessions, by 6 experts .

Let’s share 5 essentials about this unique Bootcamp:

  • A full day with an ultimate mix of sessions
  • Visionary trends in Photonics and a talk with top experts
  • Chance to experiment with PHABLABS4.0 and lasers
  • Tips and tricks to kick-start a photonics future at Pop Up Classes
  • Top-notch labs with clean room at VUB Photonics Innovation Center.

Get a deep insight in the magic of photons, in many disciplines where engineering, physics and photonics cross.

For more information, visit the dedicated site or our facebook.