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'A world of light': B-PHOT Student Chapter organises Photo Contest


The B-PHOT Student Chapter is thrilled to announce their annual Photo Contest, themed 'A World of Light'! Dive into the mesmerizing world of light phenomena and showcase your creativity through your lens. "Whether it's capturing the dance of lasers, the glow of LEDs, or the brilliance of natural light, we want to see it all!"

"As people involved in understanding the light properties and its features, we are probably the best witnesses of its widespread and its manifestation not only on the natural phenomena but also its display on our cultural and social celebrations. Be an ambassador of light and turn everybody’s attention to your light stories with your photographs!"

The topic of this year's edition is 'A world of light'. Some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Light phenomena with an artistic approach,
  • Light technology such as lasers, LEDs, etc,
  • Light in cultural, social, and national celebrations,
  • Light observed in natural phenomena,
  • Light technology in nature and daily life.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. The title is evaluated for originality and relevance to the photo.
  2. The image description is evaluated for creativity and relevance to the topic. Tell a nice story behind your shot!
  3. The photo itself is evaluated for originality and composition.
  4. The photo is evaluated for relevance to the theme (light in cultures, nature, and everyday life).

Deadline: April 30th, 2024. Winners will be revealed on the International Day of Light (May 16th 2024).

Photo Contest 2024