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B-PHOT publication in Optics Letters highlighted as Editor’s Pick


B-PHOT researchers David Castello-Lurbe, Jürgen Van Erps and Nathalie Vermeulen in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Valencia jointly tackled the challenging problem of measuring the soliton number of optical pulses propagating in guiding media. Their approach is based on continuum generation and is experimentally demonstrated in polarization-maintaining and single-mode fibers with positive and negative chromatic dispersion. Besides providing a viable and straightforward method for measuring soliton numbers, their technique also offers new opportunities to determine the chromatic dispersion of guiding media over a broad spectral range while pumping at a fixed wavelength.

Their work recently resulted in an Optics Letters publication entitled "Measurement of the soliton number in guiding media through continuum generation". Now their paper has been highlighted by Optics Letters as an Editor's Pick. The latter is an earmark for articles that have an excellent scientific quality and that are representative of the work taking place in the field.

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