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B-PHOT researcher "Editor's Pick" article in Optics Letters most downloaded


David Castelló-Lurbe's article "Breaking fundamental noise limitations to supercontinuum generation" was published as Editor's Pick in the latest Optics Letters from Optica. Last month, it was the most downloaded article in the publication.


Supercontinuum generation in the anomalous group-velocity dispersion regime is widely considered to be inherently unstable against input pulse fluctuations. This constraint has compelled a coherent supercontinuum to be triggered by femtosecond pulses. In this work, conditions for breaking this fundamental limitation are analytically derived and realized in a silicon waveguide by exploiting the Kerr nonlinearity dispersion. On this basis, coherent supercontinuum generation with picosecond pulses and anomalous group-velocity dispersion is numerically demonstrated, which crosses a long-standing frontier in nonlinear optics.

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