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Student Chapter

B-PHOT Student Chapter organises Photo Contest


It is that time of the year again and B-PHOT Student Chapter is back with another Photo Contest . If you have an eye for aesthetics, we challenge you to capture the beauty of light and its display in our daily lives, technology, and/or in our cultural and social celebrations.

Light is responsible for all life, for producing the air that we breathe, the cycles of our oceans, and many more phenomena around us. As people involved in understanding the light properties and its features, we are probably the best witnesses of its widespread manifestation in natural phenomena and its display in our cultural and social celebrations.

For that, we invite you to share with us your captions of light spotted in different settings in your daily lives for our event Photo Contest 2023. Take out your cameras and be the spectator of the magic light can offer! The competition is open to student chapter members and B-PHOT staff, amateurs, and professionals alike. You can submit photos taken with a camera or your smartphone (high-resolution photos are preferred). Your work will be evaluated by an international board composed of fellow B-PHOT Chapter members.

Turn everybody’s attention to your light stories with your photographs!

The theme of the photo contest is A World of Light. For example:

  • light phenomena with an artistic approach,
  • light technology such as lasers, LEDs, etc,
  • light in cultural, social, and national celebrations,
  • light observed in natural phenomena,
  • light technology in nature, daily life.

The deadline for submitting your entries is April 3rd, 2023 at midnight.

Winners will be announced during the Light Night on April 18th, 2023.

Submit - DEADLINE: April 3, 2023

Submit your pictures by clicking on the button below. You can also submit your photos by posting them on Instagram using the hashtag #bphotcontest and tag @bphotchapter (please make sure that your profile is public).


  • No post-editing (Photoshop or/and another photo editing software) is allowed. You can only use the settings of your camera/smartphone.
  • The photo should belong to one of the topics above mentioned and you should give your photo a title, you choose how artistic you want to be!
  • Only two submissions are allowed. In the case of 3 and more photos being submitted, only the first two photos are considered for evaluation.

Evaluation criteria

  1. The title is evaluated for originality and relevance to the photo.
  2. The image description is evaluated for creativity and relevance to the topic. Tell a nice story behind your shot!
  3. The photo itself is evaluated for originality and composition.
  4. The photo is evaluated for relevance to the theme (light in cultures, nature, and everyday life).

Winner of 2022

The 2022 winner was Margot Vandermotten. Title of the picture: Nature's nightlife.