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Breakthrough on graphene modeling published as Frontispiece article in Laser & Photonics Reviews


Over the past decade, graphene has been shown to exhibit a strong nonlinear-optical response. However, so far one is still lacking the required theoretical expressions to make predictions for graphene’s complex nonlinear effects and to account for their evolution in time and space. In a recent paper of David Castello-Lurbe, Hugo Thienpont and Nathalie Vermeulen published in the high-impact journal of Laser&Photonics Reviews, this long-standing issue is solved by the derivation of population-recipe-based expressions for graphene’s nonperturbative nonlinearities. The presented framework successfully predicts and explains the various nonlinearity magnitudes and signs observed for graphene over the past decade, while also being compatible with the nonlinear pulse propagation formalism commonly used for waveguides.

The resulting publication entitled "Predicting Graphene’s Nonlinear-Optical Refractive Response for Propagating Pulses" has now been selected by Laser&Photonics Reviews as a Frontispiece article presenting outstanding results.

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