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Carla Brussels event: Photonics in academia, industry and entrepreneurship


Photonics has proven to be an essential ingredient in our modern world. Due to its unique properties, light has emerged as a core element of daily products and technologies such as smartphones, laptops, the Internet, medical instruments, industrial production technologies and telecommunications, to name a few. Considered a Key Enabling Technology (KET) for Europe’s future prosperity by the European Commission, it is calculated that 20-30% of the entire economy and 10% of the workforce in Europe is already linked to the field of photonic technologies.* Nevertheless, a shortage of skilled employees in Europe is hampering the growth prospects of companies as well as the continent’s economy.**

It is thus very likely to find your dream job in Photonics! CARLA to the rescue! Register now for the virtual VUB CARLA camp to get a glimpse of the vast opportunities that the photonics careers landscape may offer. Meet people who work in Photonics Industry, Academia or Entrepreneurs. Experts in these three fields will show you their best practices and lessons.

The virtual VUB CARLA event will run over two evenings. Tuesday 23/03/2021 will be dedicated to Photonics careers in Academia, Thursday 25/03/2021 to Photonics careers in Industry and a career as an entrepreneur in the Photonics world. The Photonics topics are also interspersed with presentations on soft skills.

Bachelor, master, PhD or post-doc? For each of you, there will be inspirational talks. If you are rather new in the Photonics world, looking for a job in Photonics industry of interested in becoming an entrepreneur with Photonics? Don’t hesitate and register today!

Register before 15 March 2021

And meet us on 23 & 25 March 2021!