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Celebrating 90 years of FWO research at Kennismakers


Join us in the celebration of 90 years FWO at Kennismakers event on 14 December!

FWO (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) is welcoming over 100 national and international speakers sparking innovative ideas during the one-day scientific congress Kennismakers(Knowledge Makers).

Participants can design their programme based on 30 thematic sessions, clustered around 5 themes:

- Scientific Research Programme reflecting major challenges in society, such as welfare, health, AI and circular economy.

- Scientific Debate where Responsible Research and Innovation, Open Science and Valorization will be discussed in different sessions.

- Science from another perspective: poetry, dance and music.

- The Science Agenda: during a campaign over 10 000 questions were asked by citizens who would like to see answered scientists from different disciplines. Fundamentally inspiring science.

- Science Communication is a trade on its own, workshops will help researchers translating their findings and telling their story to a larger public.

We have the pleasure to invite you to our booth during the day, where visitors can discover the power of light technology through various demos. On display: our national icon Manneke Pis explains internal light reflection for high-speed communication, photonics for food safety and authentication and for Clean Sky project.

Registration is free but required through Kennismakers . You can subsequently compile your personal programme for the day, starting at 8:15 until 16:00. As from the closing session at 17:30, participants are invited to enjoy the networking reception.

Looking forward to meet you!