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Come visit us at Day of Science festival today!


Dag van de Wetenschap or Day of Science is a full day of celebration and presentation how science improves our daily life. At Muntpunt Brussels, our outreach team B-Photonics and researchers show the ways how Lifi speeds up Wifi, what role photons play in 3D printing of organs, how light technology improves the instant and painless diagnoses of cancer or diabetes or about Internet of Things.

When we talk Internet of Things, miniaturized sensors are key in accurate measuring anything you want to know. From parking distances between smart cars up to alerts when your glass container is full, or for your smart fridge to let you know you're running out of milk.

Imagine smart traffic lights that can give bikers and pedestrians not only priority to cross the streets safely, but also act as internet connection with Lifi through smart LED.

Last but certainly not least, prof. Wendy Meulebroeck will explain how spectroscopy shines a light on the age of ancient materials such as glass at Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen at 10.30. As a visitor, you can bring your own piece of colored glass for on-site analysis.

Wondering how high-tech research in photonics together with SURF and MARI collaborate with musea such as Ten Duinen? Read all about it and find the link to the article in Scientific Reports Nature.

If today doesn't work out for you, feel free to contact Tine De Pauw to receive updates on our outreach activities throughout the year for public and schools!