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Hands-on industry training during second PhotonHub Experience Centre at B-PHOT


B-PHOT has hosted a second training on Optics and Freeform Optics for engineers and developers in the framework of PhotonHub's Experience Centre. Our researchers opened up their labs and shared basic technical insights and skills in optics and freeform optics design, prototyping, metrology and manufacturing.

This unique industry ‘hands-on’ training programme included dedicated tutorials, tutorial material, and mentoring by technical experts. Over a three-day workshop, the attendees got access to state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on experience with top-notch equipment.

Swipe through the action in this three-day workshop

Interested in a PhotonHub Experience Centre?

B-PHOT will host the PhotonHub Demo Centre on 'Photonics & Food' in Brussels on October 6, 2023. Join our researchers in their labs and discover how photonics can play an essential role in the harvesting and screening of food products.

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