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Hands-on industry training on Optics and Freeform Optics during PhotonHub Experience Centre


B-PHOT has hosted a third training on Optics and Freeform Optics for engineers and developers in the framework of PhotonHub's Experience Centre. From 18 to 20 October, our researchers opened up their labs and shared basic technical insights and skills in optics and freeform optics design, prototyping, metrology and manufacturing.

A new edition of this PhotonHub Experience Centre will be organised in March 2024.

Swipe through the action in this three-day workshop

Demo Centre: Optical Fibre Sensing Applications

B-PHOT will host a free PhotonHub Demo Centre on 'Optical Fibre Sensing Applications' at the VUB Photonics Campus in Gooik, Belgium. Join our researchers on November 28th 2023 in their labs and discover the operation principles of optical fibre sensors.

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