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High School students do thesis research at B-PHOT


Kilian and Arne, two last-year science students from Don Bosco Halle called for help in investigating liquid crystals used in LCD displays for their thesis. B-PHOT R&D Engineer Indy Magnus welcomed them at our labs at the Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus and helped them with their experiments. For the physics part of their thesis, they investigated, among other things, the rotational power of the polarization of light in sugar solutions. Indy took them to the lab, where they were taught about photonic components such as lasers, power meters, and polarization filters. They learned to align a HeNe laser and measured the polarization rotation for various sugar solutions. In this way, the students are able to investigate the relationship between sugar concentration and polarization shift.

"It was a pleasure to help these very interested students with their thesis", Indy says. "I hope they will be back in our photonics programme at VUB within a few years!"

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