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"Origin of flight" wins B-PHOT Student Chapter Photo Contest


In celebration of the International Day of Light on May 16th, the B-PHOT Student Chapter announced the winners of its annual Photo Contest, highlighting the profound impact of light in our lives. This year's competition showcased an array of stunning photographs, each capturing the essence and beauty of light.

The prestigious first prize in the General Contest was awarded to Sasa Topic for the captivating photo titled "Origin of (f)light." This winning image beautifully encapsulated the theme, earning top marks from the judges for its originality and composition.

Origin of (f)light by Sasa Topic won the 2024 B-PHOT Student Chapter Photo Contest.

The second place was claimed by Mathilde Patin with two remarkable entries, "Snail in details" and "Meet me at the sunset," showcasing her talent in capturing intricate details and serene landscapes. Mehrdad Lotfi Choobbari secured the third position with "Light capturing Spider!," a striking depiction of light interacting with nature.

In the Prism Contest, Lien Smeesters took the first place with "Geometrical candlelight," an innovative play of light and shapes. Yamila Borsch earned the second place for her photo "A different perspective," while Tatevik Chalyan's "Sun in the Belgian sky" rounded out the top three.

The annual B-PHOT Photo Contest aims to underscore the significance of light in our daily lives, cultures, and societies. Participants are judged on four key criteria: the chosen title, description, relevance to the theme of light, and the originality and composition of the photograph.

This event not only celebrates the artistic aspects of light but also emphasizes its crucial role in scientific advancements and technological progress. From the brilliance of a sunrise to the cutting-edge innovations in light-based technologies, the contest encourages us to appreciate how light influences art, science, culture, and education.

The B-PHOT Student Chapter extends its gratitude to all participants and judges for their contributions and looks forward to continuing this tradition of celebrating light in its many forms.

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