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Photo Contest winners tell their light story through photography


The three winners of the yearly Photo Contest of the B-PHOT Student Chapter are known. Under the motto “Tell us your light stories through photography!”, the jury awarded Mathilde Patin, Mehrdad Lotfi Chobbari, and Olga Rusyakina for their stimulating photos.

"All photography passionates submitted their photos that captured the beauty of light and its display in our daily life or in our cultural and social celebrations," says Chapter president Martin Skenderas. "The competition was open to the public, amateurs and professionals alike. The jury chose the three most stimulating photos but highlighted the fact that the decision was very difficult as the level of submitted photos was very high this year. The decision was made based on the originality, composition, and creativity of the photos as well as on the originality and relevance of the title given to the photos and the relation of the photos with the given description. Other criteria included the settings of the camera, capture conditions, and the match of the photos with this year’s contest topic."

The three winning photos are:

First prize: Mathilde Patin – Lightomium Painting

Second prize: Mehrdad Lotfi Choobbari – Smiling Sky!

Third prize: Olga Rusyakina – A glance through refraction

The winners will be rewarded with symbolic gifts to motivate and acknowledge their passion for photography. Discover the pictures and corresponding description below.

Lightomium Painting - Mathilde Patin

Every evening from dawn the Atomium lights turn on. Just placed under the structure at night, I used the lights from the Atomium to create an abstract "street art painting". Usually, art paintings are creating by handling light to create shapes. Here, I used the streetlights to form circular patterns. Looking carefully, you can recognize the spheres of the Atomium.

Equipment: I obtained this effect by implementing a long exposure (1.6 s) to be able to make a circular movement with the camera while taking the shot. I turned off the flash and used an ISO of 200 to keep only the lightning from the Atomium. I set the aperture at f/5.6 and focal length at 18.0 mm.

Smiling Sky! - Mehrdad Lofti Choobbari

A beautiful rainbow formed by the small droplets of water in the sky!

Equipment: I used the smartphone camera of Samsung Galaxy A71.

A glance through refraction - Olga Rusyakina

The photo shows a well-known symbol of Belgium from a perspective of refraction. The image of Atomium and its surroundings appears inverted when looked through a glass vase filled with water. This happens when the object is positioned far away from the refracting medium and an observer. The real image could be obtained when the vase and the object are of a similar size and are brought closer to each other, which in the case of Atomium would require a 100 m^2 vase (Atomium height is 102 m) and a giant as a photographer. The angle and the distance of the camera are chosen to place the image of Atomium into focus.

Equipment: Camera of the cell phone Redmi Note 7; a glass vase; still mineral water SPA; an orchid flower from home; a pinkie scarf.