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Photography Contest winners: "Light in daily life"


The SPIE Student Chapter VUB organised a Photography Contest in the context of light in daily life, nature and culture. On Monday, the jury awarded the three most creative, beautiful and appealing pictures. Check out the three winners:

First place: "Intangible" (Mehdi Feizpour)

This photograph is taken from between two parents keeping their young over their shoulders, helping them get a glance of the magical light show at Bright Brussels light festival. Your eyes will be guided by the perspective and the contrast created by lasers rays to the center of the photograph, where another child is held over somebody's shoulders. But the essence of this moment captured is what the child is doing. Maybe it was the first time, he/she saw such beauty, and well, felt the urge to grasp, to feel, to experience... The title marks this magical experience with its most suitable attribute: "Intangible“. The picture was photographed with a NIKON D5500 camera, f/3.5 aperture, 1/10s shutter speed, ISO-12800.

Second place: "Light From Haven" (Anindya Arnab)

This image was shot in Bhutan. This image shows the natural beauty of light. The apple garden, the native houses, the mountains and sky all shows the beauty of light, most importantly it shows that the beauty of light needs no colour to express himself. The picture was photographed with a NIKON D3300 and 18_55mm f\ 3.5_5.6vr lens.

Third place: "Musical Reflections" (Koen Vanmol)

Does music sometimes reflect your inner emotions? Can you feel the notes going up and down, playing together on their bars? That is exactly what music does. It plays and reflects. On a clear morning, sunlight struck my keyboard at exactly that angle needed to reflect my note paper on the keys. The picture was captured with a Nokia 7 Plus smartphone.

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