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PhotonHub Demo Centre 'Optical Fibre Sensing Applications'


B-PHOT will host the PhotonHub Demo Centre on 'Optical Fibre Sensing Applications' in Brussels. Join our researchers in their labs and discover the operation principles of optical fibre sensors.

Name: PhotonHub Demo Centre: 'Optical Fibre Sensing Applications'

Location: VUB Photonic Campus, Gooik, Belgium

Date: TBA

Training cost: € 250 (incl. catering and project consumables)

Training capacity: 9 persons

Optical fibre sensors (OFS) are part of the field of optical metrology, which is the science and technology of performing measurements with light. An optical fibre sensor encodes a measurand of interest (the perturbation that you want to measure) in one (or more) properties of an optical signal that is guided through an optical fibre. This one-day hands-on training course provides industry, especially those addressing a sensorization need, with a detailed overview of important points and distributed OFS sensing techniques and how they are applied in engineering environments.

The course will focus on three hands-on sessions; 1) Fabrication and Characterization of fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs); 2) Measurement campaign with FBGs and optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR); 3) Processing of raw data into engineering values & Interpretation; Course attendees will learn how OFS are fabricated, installed and interrogated and what measurements they deliver.

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