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PhotonHub Demo Centre 'Photonics and Food'


Photonics plays an essential role in the screening of food products. This includes the detection of foreign objects, the classification of a product batch based on its quality, the monitoring of the (potential) presence of carcinogenic elements, authenticity tests on liquids in the framework of food fraud and the quality monitoring of water.

B-PHOT will host the PhotonHub Demo Centre on 'Photonics & Food' in Brussels on February 2, 2023. Join our researchers in their labs and discover how photonics can play an essential role in the harvesting and screening of food products.

Name: PhotonHub Demo Centre: 'Photonics & Food'

Location: Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Belgium

Date: 2 February 2023

Training cost: € 250 (incl. catering and project consumables)

Training capacity: 9 persons

This one-day hands-on training course provides the industry with a detailed overview of how photonics and photonics-based techniques can contribute to the quality control and safety of liquid and solid food products.

Some examples:

  • Foreign object detection
  • Ripeness classification
  • Detection of mycotoxins
  • Acrylamide precursors in potatoes
  • Authentication of olive oils, honey and beers
  • Monitoring of drinking water quality

In the introduction part, the theoretical aspects of the various physical phenomena that can occur during food screening together with their related measurement setups will be discussed. Different case studies will be presented illustrating the selection of the appropriate test set-up and data processing techniques. The second part of the course will focus on three demonstrators where participants can have hands-on experience.

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