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Photonics Bootcamp 2020


Discover future trends include Lifi replacing Wifi, biophotonics and the rapid evolution of nanotechnology. We're talking about 3D printing of organs to reduce the need for animal testing and lifesaving applications in health sciences. About freeform optic design for the latest Mixed Reality Headsets for Industry 4.0. About superspeed encrypted networks for secure Big Data. Excited to find out more?

B-PHOT welcomes all bachelor students to join us for Photonics Bootcamp 2020! On March 21st, it's all about photonics, a driving technology for many industries in the 21st century. It bridges physics and engineering; it's advanced and sometimes futuristic, yet it's still unknown to many. What is the superpower of photonics that makes it so special?

The Bootcamp Photonics for Bachelors offers a unique mix of emerging trends, a behind-the-scene lab visit, pop-up class and workshops in top-quality labs. Participants join in hands-on experiments with the PHABLABS 4.0 challenge, and talk to top experts for a deeper insight into the magic of photons, in many disciplines where engineering, physics and photonics cross.

Throughout this day, you'll learn why photonics is being proclaimed as one of the Key Enabling Technologies of the 21st century.

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