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Pupils use photonics to tackle real-life problems at school


With the B-Photonics Challenger Cup, we challenged pupils of schools in Flanders and Brussels to find solutions for problems in their daily lives. As a scientific and educational initiative of B-PHOT and Colruyt Group / Technics, Real Estate & Energy, we focus on photonics and its applications. Not less than 18 groups of students from seven different schools in Flanders and Brussels gave the best of themselves and sent us a video of their solution. A jury, composed of experts from ColruytGroup / Technics, Real Estate & Energy and experts from VUB B-PHOT Brussels Photonics, rewarded the best groups.

Main winner

Optimization of the indoor climate of school buildings using smart lamps

Jana Cambré, Lune Clarebout, Febe Moortgat

Busleyden Atheneum - Campus Pitzemburg

Most creative and clear video

Bike lock

Florian Van De Kelder

Sint-Martinusscholen TSO-BSO Asse

Colruyt Group Innovation Prize

Smart lamp

Stijn Jamaer, Amber Schelfout, Hannah Claes, Hubert Skorupa

Virga Jessecollege Hasselt

VUB Photonics Prize


Bilal Oubaddi, Eren Sagir, Fabrice Adoté, Naïm Migliore

Atheneum Anderlecht

Audience Award

Helpdesk Airport

Josué De Wolf, Hanne Jacobs

Busleyden Atheneum - Campus Pitzemburg