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The analogy between photons and pears


In 2013 the rumor circulated that Hugo Thienpont would be named for a Nobel Prize. He laughs that away: "It's interesting not me. By the way, engineers do not get Nobel Prizes." Today, Hugo takes up different roles as Vice Rector Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, as the head of the department Applied Physics and Photonics (TONA) and he also leads B-PHOT, the research group at VUB with seventy researchers in the technology of light.

Trends business magazine covers how the work of Hugo Thienpont in photonics can impact the economy. How Actphast facilitates the integration of light technology in R&D for companies throughout Europe.

What inspired him to pursue photonics as domain of research and innovation? And more importantly, why should any organisation consider the science of light to keep up with the pace of digitalization?

Have a pleasant read through the full article below - it is in Dutch as Trends is a Belgian leading business magazine.

VUB B-PHOT Hugo Thienpont in Trends.pdf (57.33 kB)