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Vote Lien Smeesters straight to the EOS Pipet Prize!


VUB B-PHOT researcher Lien Smeesters is one of the five promising researchers selected for for the yearly EOS Pipet prize.

With her research using photonics or light technology we can detect invisible carcinogens in food, such as acrylamide in French fries. She has developed an innovative laser scanner that scans food products 360 ° for a fast and accurate check.

By evaluating the interaction of the raw potatoes with laser light beams, the risk of acrylamide formation during baking can be measured. The technology is applicable to many products, fast, accurate and without damaging the food. Two euh .. fries with one stone: food safety and no waste of healthy food.

In a fun animation movie you can see the process of her laser scanner. Lien explains in one video how the technology exactly works. In her blog she talks about the principles of Photonics (photonics ... what?), photons and gives more details about her research.

Help Lien Smeesters in the battle for the EOS pipette! Do you think that her research makes an important contribution to scientific research and also improves our daily lives? Then vote for Lien and her research here

You can vote until 24 May. Who goes to the Sound of Science festival on May 27 (Belgium), can also vote that day until the winner at the festival is finally announced.