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VUB Science Show welcomes 1,500 students for a journey to photonics


A team of enthusiastic PhD researchers takes the students for an interactive journey into the world of light technology. In half a day, multiple demonstrations bring them from the origin of light and photons to lasers, from the manipulation of light to optical fibers for data communication or for medical imaging applications such as endoscopy.

Photonics combines modern physics with engineering in an applied way. During the show students are participating in experiments on stage. A challenging quiz tests their knowledge at the end of every demonstration, the winner is awarded with a surprise reward.

To give 1500 young students from 38 secondary schools the opportunity to learn about photonics, VUB B-PHOT organizes 3 shows of half a day each. At the additional half day “Girls & Boys” congress students participate in hands-on workshops on solar energy in a solar boat race, on laser-based spy systems, on practicing light painting talent and producing holograms. This year the students can also test their knowledge during a Science Game on VUB Campus and get a refreshing view on physics during a visit to the ‘Experimentarium’ at ULB.

The Science Show already marks its 8th edition. The previous 7 shows have been successfully performed for a total of 7000 students. The show aims to inspire future engineers to study photonics science and technology to invent new technologies such as ultrahigh-definition LED screens, 3D laser projection systems, Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets, self-driving cars, sustainable energy, humanoid robotics, bio-engineering and medical applications.

Take a look at our video teaser on this site and get an impression of this unique experience!

VUB B-PHOT has been invited by UNESCO to perform this Science Show in Paris during the kick-off Flagship Event (#IDL18) of the very first “International Day of Light” on 16 May 2018.