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Watch: Flanders Make 'Tech@Lunch' Session on optical fiber sensors for asset monitoring


B-PHOT researcher Sidney Goossens recently delivered an engaging presentation for Flanders Make's Tech@Lunch series, focusing on the theme "Optical Fiber Sensors for Asset Monitoring."

During the Tech@Lunch webinars, an expert delves into a hot topic in just half an hour, offering maximum inspiration in minimum time. In this session, attendees were introduced to the sophisticated world of Optical Fiber Sensors (OFS), a cutting-edge technology increasingly employed to monitor various parameters such as strain, temperature, and pressure in assets.

OFS offers numerous advantages over traditional electronic sensors: they are compact, immune to electromagnetic interference and crosstalk, resistant to corrosion, and capable of multiplexing. Imagine the simplicity of integrating hundreds of strain sensors within a single optical fiber, compared to the complexity of traditional wiring with the same number of strain gauges.

This tutorial, presented by Flanders Make@VUB, provided a concise overview of the operational principles behind point-based OFS, fully distributed OFS, and specialized OFS. Additionally, real-life case studies were showcased, demonstrating their vast potential for asset monitoring applications.

You can watch the full webinar here:

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