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Over 1300 youngsters discover photonics at Day of Science in Brussels


During the Science Festival at the Day of Science in Brussels, young people and parents from all over Belgium came to discover technology, physics, space, society and several other scientific disciplines. B-PHOT was present at Muntpunt to experiment with photonics and light painting!

The Science Festival attracted over 1300 visitors to Muntpunt, an increase of 40% compared to last year's event. We look back at a beautiful edition with smiling faces and looks of amazement.

B-PHOT's activities:

- IR Camera: discover yourself through the eyes of a snake

- Light painting: create your own holiday card

- Polarization art: make art with polarization and tape

- Telecommunication: send a secret message

- Disappearing act: total internal reflection with water and plastic bags

The B-PHOT team at Day of Science 2023.

In collaboration with the non-for-profit company EYEST, B-PHOT offers a wide range of inspiring activities based on the innovative character of photonics, the technology of light. We have special photonics activities for young minds, students, schools, science teachers and fab labs, as well as general activities for anybody interested in this key-enabling technology. Among other initiatives, we offer science shows, lab visits, a photonics congress for secondary schools, photonics educational kits, photonics toolkits for fab labs and much more.

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