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Zurich University Professor Francesca Venturini collaborates with B-PHOT on mycotoxin detection


Francesca Venturini, a distinguished professor of applied optics from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, has joined forces with B-PHOT researcher Prof. Lien Smeesters to pioneer advancements in the detection of mycotoxins in food.

Prof. Venturini, who specializes in spectroscopy, and Prof. Smeesters focus on enhancing food safety through the development of innovative, non-destructive optical detection technologies. The research team is developing state-of-the-art optical spectroscopy methods to identify harmful mycotoxins in food products.

"We are excited to welcome Francesca to our lab," Prof. Smeesters says, highlighting the critical importance of this research. "Our goal is to develop an enhanced sensing combining fluorescence spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and absorption spectroscopy. These methods will enable us to simultaneously detect multiple mycotoxins, thereby significantly improving food monitoring."

The collaboration aims not only to protect public health but also to reduce food waste by providing accurate and efficient mycotoxin detection. The innovative approach could revolutionise food safety protocols and set new standards in the industry.

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