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Photonics for connected mobility

Photonics is key to increase the safety in mobility. Think about infrared imaging to detect pedestrians and animals in poorly lighted streets, LIDAR for autonomous driving, sensors to detect stress and micro cracks in airplanes, advanced head-up displays and intelligent street lighting. Furthermore, photonics allows adding more functionalities in vehicles such as data transmission within cars using plastic optical fibers or new lighting designs with LEDs.

Research projects linked to mobility

  • Fail-operational holistic virtualized platforms for vehicular subsystems that are critical to automated driving (SAE Levels 3+), enabling mobility-as-a-service for next-generation highly automated vehicles - NewControl (EU project)
  • Structural HEalth Monitoring, Manufacturing and Repair Technologies for Life Management Of Composite Fuselage - SHERLOC (EU project)
  • Infrared imaging components for use in automotive safety applications - ICU (EU project)
  • Receiver and transmitter component for optical communication with plastic fibers in cars - innovation project with Melexis

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