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research projects-and-collaborations vlaio

B-PHOT has a nice track record in research & development projects with industry from Flanders supported by VLAIO

  • Monitoring of offshore power cables and wind turbine foundations by distributed fiber optic sensing BOPTIC - VLAIO ICON
  • Freeform optics for high-end LED-based luminaires MADONNA - ETAP - VLAIO O&O
  • Model-based design platform for optical yarn detectors for weaving machines MOOI, with the company PICANOL - VLAIO O&O
  • Design and fabrication of digital lenses SIHTO, with the company SIHTO - VLAIO O&O
  • 3D Nanoprinting of coupling structures for fiber connectors FANTOAM, with the company Commscope Connectivity - VLAIO O&O
  • Flatbed laser engine for LAM plates FLIPPER, with the company Xeikon - VLAIO O&O
  • Multi-purpose optically broadband industrial sorting machines MOBIUS, with the company BEST Sorting - VLAIO O&O
  • BRAVO, with the company BARCO - VLAIO O&O
  • Self-centering alignment structures for fiber connectivity EP2CON, with the company TYCO Electronics - VLAIO O&O
  • Computer to plate FLEXO CPT, with the company Punch Graphics - VLAIO O&O

In the framework of Industry4.0 in Flanders, B-PHOT is also involved in the following "proeftuin" project:

Other collaborative projects with different companies:

  • Photonics KET-Roadmapping for Flanders
  • Precision Manufacturing for new and better products

B-PHOT has a strong track in offering innovation support to companies

research projects-and-collaborations vlaio