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B-PHOT has a nice track record in research & development projects with industry from Flanders supported by VLAIO

  • Monitoring of offshore power cables and wind turbine foundations by distributed fiber optic sensing BOPTIC - VLAIO ICON
  • Freeform optics for high-end LED-based luminaires MADONNA - ETAP - VLAIO O&O
  • Model-based design platform for optical yarn detectors for weaving machines MOOI, with the company PICANOL - VLAIO O&O
  • Design and fabrication of digital lenses SIHTO, with the company SIHTO - VLAIO O&O
  • 3D Nanoprinting of coupling structures for fiber connectors FANTOAM, with the company Commscope Connectivity - VLAIO O&O
  • Flatbed laser engine for LAM plates FLIPPER, with the company Xeikon - VLAIO O&O
  • Multi-purpose optically broadband industrial sorting machines MOBIUS, with the company BEST Sorting - VLAIO O&O
  • BRAVO, with the company BARCO - VLAIO O&O
  • Self-centering alignment structures for fiber connectivity EP2CON, with the company TYCO Electronics - VLAIO O&O
  • Computer to plate FLEXO CPT, with the company Punch Graphics - VLAIO O&O

In the framework of Industry4.0 in Flanders, B-PHOT is also involved in the following "proeftuin" project:

Other collaborative projects with different companies:

  • Photonics KET-Roadmapping for Flanders
  • Precision Manufacturing for new and better products

Application of fiber optic sensing to enable optimized gasket sustainability

In the context of digitalization and Industry4.0, ERIKS envisions sensorized products that can provide continuous feedback to plant operators to establish a win-win for sustainability and profitability. After the first feasibility studies for smart gaskets in an ACTPHAST4.0 innovation project, this innovation track is accelerated thanks to the additional resources of a Baekeland mandate from VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship). This type of mandate is a perfect fit for the collaboration between VUB B-PHOT and ERIKS.

B-PHOT has a strong track in offering innovation support to companies