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Demonstrator Platforms

research technical-infrastructure demonstrator-platforms

For each of its research tracks, B-PHOT has well-elaborated demonstrator platforms. Some examples are:

  • Optical Fiber Sensors : different test equipment to put controlled stress forces on the optical fiber sensors
  • Free form Optics : optical tables, opto-mechamanics to build proof-of concept demonstrators with the developed free form optics
  • Lab-on-chip : lab platform to test the lab-on-chip functionalities
  • Non-linear Photonics : continuous-wave and pulsed laser systems operating in the visible, near- and mid-infrared spectral domains, advanced pulse characterization equipment and high-performance power meters and spectrum analyzers to carry out nonlinear-optical experiments.
  • Optical Spectrocopy : spectral broadband and laser sources and several optical spectrum analyzers operating in the spectral range between 250-1500 nm to study the absorption, fluorescence or scatter properties of the material under test.
  • Photonics Integrated Circuits : nanopositioning setups for chip and probe alignment, and high-performance power meters, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers to test the performance of photonic integrated circuits.

research technical-infrastructure demonstrator-platforms