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The instrumentation and metrology platform has comprehensive competence in optical metrology in general, and in quantitative optical measurements and measurement standards in particular. This team has at its disposal a clean room infrastructure equipped with a unique assortment of top-measurement instrumentation for the quantitative characterization of optical materials, surfaces and micro-photonic components. It provides measurement services to B-PHOT’s strategic research teams, to other VUB research teams, to European research institutes and university teams, and to industry. The expertise of this team comprises e.g. benchmarking of measurement instrumentation, round robin measurements, and quality control of a variety of micro-optical components.

Confocal Fluorescence microscopy

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Optical polarimetry

Coordinate Measurement Metrology

Optical Profilometry

Atomic Force Microscopy

White light Interferometry

Microlens Characterisation