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Marc Tabak

Expert - Researcher

Marc Tabak LTH joined the applied physics department to perform fundamental research on biophotonics in 1996. He graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 1987 and in dental techniques from TIA Brussels in 1981. In cooperation with Prof. Dr. H. Thienpont and Prof. Dr. H. Ottevaere he introduced a new measuring standard to characterize medical and dental cements by means of optical fibre Bragg sensors.

In 2006 M.Tabak and H. Ottevaere received the Formatis European Best Application Award Strasbourg under the patronage of the European Commission. In 2010 he was nominated as ‘Honoris Causa’ of the KGSO CEJA, the Belgian Chamber of Experts of the Court. He was elected to the period 2012-2017 for the High Council of Justice (Hoge Raad voor de Justitie). He obtained in 2013 his legal expertise examination certificate ISO-IEC 17024 | ISO 9001 for his scientific VUB expertise in medical injuries. M.Tabak obtained a permanent position as VUB - UZ BRUSSEL Expert for the Belgian Federal Government (FOD) and the Belgian Organization of Justice.