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Mehdi Feizpour 'Arash'

PhD student

Mehdi Feizpour 'Arash' (19/08/1995) is a PhD candidate at B-PHOT working on an iBOF project between VUB, UA, and UGent. After 5 fruitful years of Physics at Shiraz University, he obtained his European Master of Science in Photonics at VUB. Now, working under the supervision of Prof. Heidi Ottevaere and Prof. Wendy Meulebroeck, his research is focused on the development of spectroscopic medical diagnostic tools based on Optics, Microfluidics, Biochemistry, and Machine Learning with which he tries to feed his insatiable appetite for challenges.

Outside B-PHOT, he enjoys photography, photomontage, watching movies, listening to music, and joining social events. Finally, his goal in life is to take a step for improvement of the general well-being of people around the globe, through his work.

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