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Nathalie Debaes

EU Project Support Officer

Ir. Nathalie Debaes graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel as Electrical Engineer with majors in Photonics in 1996. Ir. Debaes has built up a considerable amount of practical experience with European networks and centres in her function as key-project support officer of NEMO. She has been the driving force behind NEMO’s Knowledge Management Centre, for which she received the mention “best practice” from the EC reviewers.

Currently she is involved in three European Projects. In the Photonics4life project she is the work package leader of the Knowledge Management Center and one of the major outcomes of her contribution is the interdisciplinary database for in the field of bio-photonics. A second project where she is involved is EXEKT. EXPEKT outreach activities aim to achieve a lasting, positive impact on the way photonics is taught in Europe’s secondary schools. Teaming up experts in photonics, scientists in pedagogy and teachers, EXPEKT will develop the Photonics Explorer as an intra-curricula educational kit that combines hands-on experiments with modern didactic techniques and thus equips teachers to really engage, excite and educate students about the fascination of working with light. In a third European project, ACTMOST,Access Centre to Micro-Optics Expertise, Services and Technologies , she is the main contact person.