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Christof Debaes

Chief Information Officer at Accent Jobs

Christof Debaes is Team Manager Operations IT Applications at Isabel Group.

"I started at B-PHOT because I was interested in the applied physics flavour in my engineering training. Moreover, it was a natural choice to follow the footstep of my sister (Nathalie Debaes, red.). I have always been fascinated by how light is shaping our world in all its aspects."

"I look back very positive at my time at B-PHOT. Even in my current work, which does not need any theoretical or applied background, B-PHOT has helped me to analyze everything by analyzing problems from its first principles. During my Master and PhD thesis, I also learnt how to break up difficult problems in smaller pieces. The latter is something I'm still applying on a daily basis. The education also gave me also the opportunity to get a wide cultural input since there was a lot of collaboration with other institutions."

"I had a really good training: it had a lot of formal depth, but at the same time B-PHOT helped me to analyze and present ideas in a simple way. There was also a good mix of collaboration with other teams globally. Since software is eating the world, I would expose students more on programming techniques. This not only learns them to develop, but also teaches students how to collaborate on a larger scale while developing useful stuff."