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B-PHOT researcher Tatevik Chalyan Guest Editor for Biosensors Special Issue


B-PHOT postdoctoral researcher Tatevik Chalyan will be the Guest Editor for a Special Issue of Biosensors Journal on 'Optical Biosensors for Food Safety & Quality Inspection'.

"The goal of this Special Issue “Optical Biosensors for Food Safety and Quality Inspection” is to bring together novel biosensing technologies and optical detection approaches for monitoring food safety and quality", Tatevik says. "Moreover, we encourage researchers to demonstrate new applications of optical biosensors in the food supply chain, from production, to cultivation and consumption. A wide range of possible analytes that are present in food enables the development of various types of optical biosensors based on waveguides, fibers, photonic crystals, nanoparticles, and free-form optics, combined with chemical surface functionalization techniques and/or biological recognition elements. Furthermore, portable lab-on-a-chip devices working with optical detection principles make fast, economic inspection of food quality at different points of the food supply chain possible."

"During the last two decades, optical biosensors, in particular label-free optical biosensors, have become one of the most attractive biosensing techniques thanks to a number of unique characteristics such as the use of light and the excellent bioanalytical performance. Their applications in different domains gain momentum and cover various disciplines such as food safety, environmental monitoring, health care, and biosecurity."

"We kindly invite you to share your work, expertise, insights, and latest results with the biosensor-research community in the form of research articles and reviews for this Special Issue", the Guest Editors conclude. The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2021.

Manuscript Submission Information

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 June 2021.