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Connect with the Belgian photonics community at bePOM 2023


The research groups from all the universities in Belgium working on fundamental and applied topics in photonics are hosting the 4th edition of bePOM, the Belgian Photonics Online Meetup. B-PHOT Researcher Tatevik Chalyan will be an invited speaker at bePOM. Engage in this free career and networking event on 21 and 22 September in Brussels or online!

BePOM allows early-career and established researchers to (re)discover and learn about the ongoing research topics in Belgium. In a free two-day event, participants will get the chance to listen to invited and contributed talks, follow tutorial sessions, get involved in panel discussions and network with other experts in the field. Thursday, September 21st will be an online event. On Friday, attendees will be welcomed at the VUB U-Residence in Brussels or online.

Led by our outreach officer Astghik Chalyan, B-PHOT Brussels Photonics is part of the organising and scientific committee of bePOM. Tatevik Chalyan, one of the founders of the event, will be an invited speaker this year, discussing our work on nanoplasmonics for biosensing at VUB.


Thursday 21 September 2023

08:30 | Welcome in Gather Town & Opening

Quantum, non-linear and laser optics session
09:00 | Tutorial session: Prof. Yves Caudano (UNamur) - Quantum weak measurements in optics
09:40 | Contributed talk

Nanophotonics, plasmonics & metamaterials
09:55 | Invited talk: Dr. Roy Aerts (UAntwerpen) - Chiroptical Spectroscopy: Using Advanced Algorithms and AI
10:25 | Contributed talk

10:40 | Coffee & Chocolate break

Biosensing & Biophotonics: From micro- to nanoscale
11:00 | Tutorial session: Prof. Karolien de Wael (UAntwerpen) - Photo(bio)electrochemical sensors
11:40 | Contributed talk

Belgian from abroad
11:55 | Career-oriented discussion: Prof. Tom Vettenburg (Dundee University) - From Airlines to Airy beams for Microscopy

12:35 | Lunch "Tartines & Boterhammen"

13:30 | Poster session

Optical design, manufacturing & imaging systems
14:50 | Invited talk: Prof. Frédérik Leloup (KULeuven) - Development of an image-based glossmeter
15:20 | Contributed talk

15:35 | How to pitch your research in 3 minutes

16:15 | Bear break & Gather Networking

Friday 22 September 2023

09:00 | Welcome on site @VUB - U-Residence

Optical design, manufacturing & imaging systems
09:30 | Tutorial session: Dr. Emmanuel Dekemper (BIRA-IASB) - Atmospheric composition remote sensing with acousto-optic filters
10:10 | Contributed session

10:25 | Paper discussion: Prof. Vincent Ginis (VUB)

10:50 | Coffee & chocolate break

R&D talks
11:10 | R&D session: Barco, Luceda, Innovative Coatings Solutions, Lambda X

12:30 | Job fair: Azalea, Luceda, Multitel, Spectricity, EuroCC, Lambda X

+ Lunch "Boterhammen & Tartines"

Nanophotonics, plasmonics & metamaterials
13:45 | Tutorial session: Prof. Alberto Curto (UGent) - Chiral semiconductor nanophotonics
14:25 | Contributed talk

Biosensing & Biophotonics: From micro- to nanoscale
14:40| Invited talk: Dr. Tatevik Chayan (VUB) - Nanoplasmonics for biosensing in B-PHOT
15:10 | Contributed talk

Quantum, non-linear and laser optics session
15:25 | Invited talk: Dr. François Léo (ULB) - Temporal soliton in resonators
15:55 | Contributed talk

16:10 | Concluding remarks & Awards & Drink @U-Residence (If you have registered for the drink, you will receive an email for further instructions concerning this part of the programme)

17:30 | End of drink & transfer

18:30 | Laser game

Belgian Photonics Online Meetup 2023


Lien Smeesters

Koen Vanmol

Astghik Chalyan