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EAFIT professor Carlos Trujillo visits B-PHOT for collaborative research initiatives


B-PHOT welcomed professor Carlos Trujillo from EAFIT University in Medellín, Colombia, as part of the 'Global Minds' staff exchange program of the Council of Flemish Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts (VLIR-UOS) for a research visit. Professor Trujillo, a distinguished member of EAFIT’s applied optics group, engaged in a week-long stay to foster joint research endeavours and academic exchanges.

Since September 2023, professor Carlos Trujillo and B-PHOT professor Heidi Ottevaere jointly supervise PhD student Maria Josef Lopera Acosta. Trujillo’s visit serves as a platform to explore and solidify new research collaborations between EAFIT’s applied optics group and VUB’s Brussels Photonics Team B-PHOT. The visit also included a guest talk on 'Quantitative Phase Imaging: Principles and Applications'

The stay is marked by ongoing research activities and strategic discussions to identify future collaborative opportunities in both education and research domains. These efforts are expected to enhance student exchanges and further integrate the research frameworks of EAFIT and VUB.

Professor Trujillo’s visit underscores the commitment of both universities to global academic cooperation and innovation in applied optics, promising a productive partnership that benefits the broader academic and scientific community.