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B-PHOT research prominently featured in VUB Science Magazine 2023


The press department of Vrije Universiteit Brussel has launched a Science Magazine to showcase the important research and innovation news of the university in the past year. B-PHOT has been prominently featured with different projects.

B-PHOT hosts free PhotonHub Demo Centre on Optical Fibre Sensing Applications


B-PHOT will host the PhotonHub Demo Centre on 'Optical Fibre Sensing Applications' at the VUB Photonics Campus. Join our researchers in their labs and discover the operation principles of optical fibre sensors.

Maria Lopera receives FWO PhD Fellowship for the detection of micro-contaminants in water


B-PHOT PhD researcher Maria Lopera has received a Fundamental Research Fellowship from Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) for the development of a sensor to detect both microplastics and micro-organic contaminants in fresh water, in collaboration with Universidad EAFIT (Colombia).

Martin Skënderas successfully defends PhD research on Nonlinear Dynamics of Laser Diodes


Martin Skënderas has successfully defended his PhD thesis on 'Nonlinear Dynamics of Laser Diodes for Optical Fiber Sensing' under the supervision of Prof. Martin Virte and Dr. Spencer Jolly.

Connecting and sharing our knowledge at the B-PHOT Pizza Seminar


B-PHOT hosted a Pizza Seminar on October 26th. The full team got together at VUB to enjoy interesting presentations by Prof. Hugo Thienpont, Dr. Pablo Marin-Palomo and Sara Abbasi. In between, there was a chance to connect over a pizza lunch.

Hands-on industry training on Optics and Freeform Optics during PhotonHub Experience Centre


B-PHOT has hosted a third training on Optics and Freeform Optics for engineers and developers in the framework of PhotonHub's Experience Centre. Our researchers opened up their labs and shared basic technical insights and skills in optics and freeform optics design, prototyping, metrology and manufacturing.

Hamamatsu Photonics Chairman Akira Hiruma honored as VUB Fellow


Akira Hiruma, chairman of the Board of Directors of Hamamatsu Photonics, has been honored as a VUB Fellow by Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Mr Hiruma was recognised for his valuable contributions to the photonics innovation activities at B-PHOT Brussels Photonics and VUB's global reach.

Hugo Thienpont receives VUB Prize for Societal Valorization


B-PHOT Director Hugo Thienpont has been awarded the Prize for Societal Valorization by the Research Council of Vrije Universiteit Brussel for his remarkable achievements in photonics and its impact on society.

B-PHOT's Master and PhD students celebrate graduation on Brussels' Grand Place


The students of the Master of Science in Photonics Engineering have celebrated their graduation with a wonderful ceremony on the Grand Place in Brussels. Also, three of B-PHOT's PhD students were celebrated for their successful thesis defence in the past academic year.

B-PHOT combines Raman spectroscopy and machine learning to classify hemoglobin fractions


B-PHOT and VUB researchers have published a new paper in the Microchemical Journal on classifying hemoglobin fractions in the liquid state using Raman spectroscopy combined with machine learning.

"Nobel Prize winning attosecond light sources impact fundamental and applied research"


The Nobel Prize in Physics 2023 was awarded to Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz and Anne L’Huillier for experimental methods that generate attosecond pulses of light for the study of electron dynamics in matter. B-PHOT Professor Nathalie Vermeulen sees their attosecond physics research as groundbreaking.

Lien Smeesters and Yunfeng Nie join B-PHOT professor team


The professor team of B-PHOT is being reinforced with two research professors. Lien Smeesters and Yunfeng Nie will be professors from October 1st, 2023.