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SPIE highlights B-PHOT's Miniaturized Spectrometer


A new paper by B-PHOT researchers on 'Miniaturized two-channel broadband spectrometer based on variable-spacing concave blazed gratings' has been published in the SPIE Journal of Optical Microsystems.

The authors, Artem Shcheglov, Yunfeng Nie, Hugo Thienpont and Heidi Ottevaere, demonstrate a miniaturized, two-channel, broadband spectrometer based on variable-spacing concave gratings, combining the functionality of imaging optics and diffraction grating in one component. The suggested optical design maintains the advantage of concave grating spectrometers in terms of compactness and simplicity while effectively expanding the spectral band, outperforming other reported concave-grating spectrometers. Such capabilities benefit spectrometric analysis and increase versatility for potential applications. In future studies, the authors plan to optimize the fabrication process of the variable-spacing concave grating so that the diffraction efficiency can be improved and brought closer to the theoretical estimations.

This work was supported by European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action (765635, xCLASS).

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