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Agrifood Applications: Photonics for safe, nutritious and affordable food

Photonics plays a crucial role in the innovation of the agrifood sector, especially for food quality control or to enable automatic harvesting. B-PHOT already has a long track-record of research projects in this domain. One of the first projects in this field already dates back from 1997.

Here are some examples of other research projects where photonics is a key element for breakthroughs in the agrifood domain:

Research projects linked to Agrifood


  • Water quality control : Miniaturized disposable lab-on-a-chip sensor for drinking water contaminant detection ( FWO project)
  • Detection of nano and micro plastics in water - Monplas ( EU project)
  • Detection of contamination in liquids

Optical Spectroscopy

  • Laser Food Sorting : Mobius ( VLAIO project with Best Sorting)
  • Sensor system for the detection of the ripeness of fruit
  • Sensor system for the detection of fraud in olive oils
  • Sensor system for the detection of fraud in honey
  • Optical detection system for the composition in beer
  • Fluorescence detection system of Acrylamide in potatoes

B-PHOT's technical infrastructure supports research in Agrifood

B-PHOT has different instrumentation supporting its research in agrifood :

  • Spectroscopy
  • UV, VIS and IR light sources
  • Integrator sphere
  • Laser scanning set-up
  • Light scatter meter

B-PHOT has the infrastructure to develop and make lab-on-chips with microfluidics channels in polymers.

Are you a researcher in the Agrifood domain who is looking for photonics support ?

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